A fork of SteamPowered originally published by frc2410

Change Log

    Version: 2.4 - Bodacious Bharal
  • AutoAim is now significantly more accurate when shooting from 40% of the field away.
  • Foghorn now only plays if sounds are enabled.
  • Added new StAte of The Art Aiming Setting
    Version: 2.3 - Archaic Alpaca
  • Shopping Carts / Hoppers on robots can now hold 100 balls (up from 40).
  • Gears will now lay on the ground instead of disappearing.
  • Robots will no longer pick up a gear if they already have a gear.
  • AutoAim is now off by default
    Version: 2.2 - The UI Update
  • Added a tip reminding players about the ability to rebind keys
  • Changed the color for text on the settings & title screen.
  • Window Title is now SteamPowered++ (Used to be SteamPowered)
  • PowersUps are now off by default
  • Added Event Name & Match Number information to scoreboards
    Version: 2.1 - The Fuel Matters Update
  • Foghorn sound now plays when escaping out of an ongoing game.
  • The Hopper now uses a timer instead of a tick system related to your frames per second.
  • The Hopper is now full at the start of the game, and every 13.5s will be refilled regardless of whether it's been dumped or not.
  • The Hopper is now refilled to have 50 balls. Previously it was 50 - the number of fuel balls on the field.
  • Robots now shoot at a realistic 15bps instead of the previous 6bps. I know that there are bots that shoot 18bps+, but I wanted to represent a slightly more average robot.
    Version: 2.0 - The Quality of Life Update
  • Auto collect is now on by default
  • Auto Aim is now on by default
  • Changed title screen credits
  • Pressing the ESC key while in a game will take you back to the Title Screen.